Angela Nowicki

We've changed places (my site and me)!

For a couple of reasons.
First of all, though I know the basics of html and css, I'm not a professional programmer, and lately I had run into a problem with the navigation in the ipad version that I just wasn't able to solve. End of the road.
Second, my old contract didn't allow me to install an SSL encryption, ergo my website was eternally showing up as "insecure connection", and that's not very attractive, I think.

Changing the provider gave me not only a wonderful website builder, so that I don't have to care about technical problems anymore - in fact, it is like working with a graphic program, I love it! - plus a secure connection by SSL, but also the possibility to incorporate a Wordpress blog, and someday even an own webshop, and - yeah, that was fun! - to create my own favicon. 😃 Ah, and not to forget a proper domain name I was long wishing for: stickereywerck, which means as much as embroidery work (in an old German spelling). So the new contract is worth the money (the old one was free).

To cut a long story short, by clicking on the link below, you will be immediately beamed up to my new internet presence:

Adventures of an Embroidery Apprentice

You are most welcome to visit me regularly, cause there will be an ever growing content, including a stitchionary(!) or drawings from my sketchbook. See ya! 🙋